Reading Update:The Memory Keeper’s Daughter 2

I’m now on page 130 of this book (May 1970). Paul the son of Norah and Dr. David Henry is already six years old and is attending school. He sings well as said in the book. Norah and David’s relationship is fine. She now goes out and talks to her friends and she always wanted to be busy. She wants to have something to do every now and then because if not she will feel uneasy. Kay Marshall her friend who has a daughter that is the same age as Paul asked Norah if she could allow Paul to be a footman in a Cinderella theme play she has arranged for a fund raising project. Norah who had felt a surge of pleasure and who had given up hope of such invitation last year because of her sister Bree said yes. Paul will be having a duet with Kay’s daughter Elizabeth.

In the May 1965 story, Dr. David had received a letter from Caroline Gill who told him that Phoebe and her are well and his daughter has no heart problems so far. He received the letter in the morning at his clinic before they went to the park and Norah had seen it but fortunately had never able to read it. Dr. David said it was of his patient. They went there with Paul and they had some fun but Norah noticed how his husband avoids talking about Phoebe which makes her upset. They argued again.

I feel bad that they are  always arguing. 😦


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