Reading Update: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter 3

Happy New Year!!! ☺ It’s been a long time since I posted something here on the blog. I’ve been reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter since November and I still haven’t finished reading it. Not that it’s boring but because I am busy doing other things. With all the experience I have while reading this book, I can say that it’s very dramatic, exciting, quite tragic and intriguing. I have encountered some surprising events while reading and it left me wondering what will happen to the characters in the story. One lie told and their lives were all shaken.

I’m now on page 320, July 1988. Dr. David Henry now lives in a separate house from his wife Norah. He owns a house and lives there beside Rosemary, the girl she met when he visited his hometown. I don’t want to write anything here that would spoil the story especially if any of you is also reading this book now or is going to read it soon. It’s up to you to find out who is this girl. Haha In the previous chapters Dr. David’s relationship with Norah got worse than ever that their son Paul became affected. They live in one house but it seems that they’re so far away from each other. Norah did something that I did not expect and Dr. David and Caroline Gill accidentally met during Dr. David’s photo exhibit. He had already seen her daughter but from far away. Norah still doesn’t know the truth.

A link to the blog post I wrote about my feelings about leaving 2015 and welcoming 2016 in case you wanted to read.😉 Happy New Year again guys! 😄


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