Reading Update: A Tale of Two Cities 2

Whew! It has been more than a month since I wrote a reading update here. The month is nearly coming to an end and I’m happy that I was able to read two books this month. Yey! They’re Anne of Green Gables and Page by Paige which are all great reads. The latter which I’m going to reread. After reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I picked Citizen Girl read it until the third chapter and decided to stop. I can’t find any way on how I’ll enjoy it because it never was except for the first chapter which is sort of intriguing. So after sparing myself from getting bored in reading a book that I don’t like, I opened A Tale of Two Cities. Started reading from the first chapter and now I’m on Chapter 3. I love how the words were formed and I learned new words.

Some of them are:

  • inexorable
  • inscrutable
  • trot
  • ale-house
  • singly

This is the second book under the classics genre that I’m reading. A new book review about Anne of Green Gables will be coming up soon. 🙂



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