Reading Update: And After Many Days by Jowhor Ile

I’m back! After two months of not posting anything here, I want to hide. lol I got busy with my life (new endeavors, important tasks, etc.) and reading books has been compromised. I seriously miss it. The feelings I get when I read books especially non-fiction are simply amazing. Speaking of compromise, I haven’t yet finished A Tale of Two Cities and the Picture of Dorian Gray. 😦 I hope they don’t get mad at me. 🙂 I’ll get back to these two after writing a book review for this new book.

I just started reading this yesterday and I’m in the process of grasping the new words I’ve encountered. Haha Reading this book is kind of exciting for me because it’s an African novel and I haven’t read one before. Here’s a synopsis I got from Goodreads, of what the novel is about:

An unforgettable debut novel about a boy who goes missing, a family that is torn apart, and a nation on the brink

During the rainy season of 1995, in the bustling town of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, one family’s life is disrupted by the sudden disappearance of seventeen-year-old Paul Utu, beloved brother and son. As they grapple with the sudden loss of their darling boy, they embark on a painful and moving journey of immense power which changes their lives forever and shatters the fragile ecosystem of their once ordered family. Ajie, the youngest sibling, is burdened with the guilt of having seen Paul last and convinced that his vanished brother was betrayed long ago. But his search for the truth uncovers hidden family secrets and reawakens old, long forgotten ghosts as rumours of police brutality, oil shortages, and frenzied student protests serve as a backdrop to his pursuit.
In a tale that moves seamlessly back and forth through time, Ajie relives a trip to the family’s ancestral village where, together, he and his family listen to the myths of how their people settled there, while the villagers argue over the mysterious Company, who found oil on their land and will do anything to guarantee support. As the story builds towards its stunning conclusion, it becomes clear that only once past and present come to a crossroads will Ajie and his family finally find the answers they have been searching for.
And After Many Days introduces Ile’s spellbinding ability to tightly weave together personal and political loss until, inevitably, the two threads become nearly indistinguishable. It is a masterful story of childhood, of the delicate, complex balance between the powerful and the powerless, and a searing portrait of a community as the old order gives way to the new.

This time around, I’ll try my very best to make time for reading even for just a short time like 15-30 mins everyday or every other day. Look forward for a review of this on July and a book review about Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge is coming up soon here on the blog.


Reading Update: A Tale of Two Cities 2

Whew! It has been more than a month since I wrote a reading update here. The month is nearly coming to an end and I’m happy that I was able to read two books this month. Yey! They’re Anne of Green Gables and Page by Paige which are all great reads. The latter which I’m going to reread. After reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I picked Citizen Girl read it until the third chapter and decided to stop. I can’t find any way on how I’ll enjoy it because it never was except for the first chapter which is sort of intriguing. So after sparing myself from getting bored in reading a book that I don’t like, I opened A Tale of Two Cities. Started reading from the first chapter and now I’m on Chapter 3. I love how the words were formed and I learned new words.

Some of them are:

  • inexorable
  • inscrutable
  • trot
  • ale-house
  • singly

This is the second book under the classics genre that I’m reading. A new book review about Anne of Green Gables will be coming up soon. 🙂


Reading Update: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter 3

Happy New Year!!! ☺ It’s been a long time since I posted something here on the blog. I’ve been reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter since November and I still haven’t finished reading it. Not that it’s boring but because I am busy doing other things. With all the experience I have while reading this book, I can say that it’s very dramatic, exciting, quite tragic and intriguing. I have encountered some surprising events while reading and it left me wondering what will happen to the characters in the story. One lie told and their lives were all shaken.

I’m now on page 320, July 1988. Dr. David Henry now lives in a separate house from his wife Norah. He owns a house and lives there beside Rosemary, the girl she met when he visited his hometown. I don’t want to write anything here that would spoil the story especially if any of you is also reading this book now or is going to read it soon. It’s up to you to find out who is this girl. Haha In the previous chapters Dr. David’s relationship with Norah got worse than ever that their son Paul became affected. They live in one house but it seems that they’re so far away from each other. Norah did something that I did not expect and Dr. David and Caroline Gill accidentally met during Dr. David’s photo exhibit. He had already seen her daughter but from far away. Norah still doesn’t know the truth.

A link to the blog post I wrote about my feelings about leaving 2015 and welcoming 2016 in case you wanted to read.😉 Happy New Year again guys! 😄

Reading Update:The Memory Keeper’s Daughter 2

I’m now on page 130 of this book (May 1970). Paul the son of Norah and Dr. David Henry is already six years old and is attending school. He sings well as said in the book. Norah and David’s relationship is fine. She now goes out and talks to her friends and she always wanted to be busy. She wants to have something to do every now and then because if not she will feel uneasy. Kay Marshall her friend who has a daughter that is the same age as Paul asked Norah if she could allow Paul to be a footman in a Cinderella theme play she has arranged for a fund raising project. Norah who had felt a surge of pleasure and who had given up hope of such invitation last year because of her sister Bree said yes. Paul will be having a duet with Kay’s daughter Elizabeth.

In the May 1965 story, Dr. David had received a letter from Caroline Gill who told him that Phoebe and her are well and his daughter has no heart problems so far. He received the letter in the morning at his clinic before they went to the park and Norah had seen it but fortunately had never able to read it. Dr. David said it was of his patient. They went there with Paul and they had some fun but Norah noticed how his husband avoids talking about Phoebe which makes her upset. They argued again.

I feel bad that they are  always arguing. 😦

Reading Update: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The last post I wrote here is about the book A Tale of of Two Cities which I said is the one that I’m currently reading which is true. But after several days of reading it I find it difficult to continue and at times boring which should not be because that novel has a very interesting story. So to save myself from complaining how most of the time I cannot understand some of the words in that book and how much focus it requires me to be able to fully grasp everything in that story, I decided to concurrently read it with The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. I just read the other one if I like and want to take a break from the dramatic story of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.

I just finished reading Chapter 3. Dr. David Henry has already told his wife Norah the biggest lie he could ever tell his wife. Very sad. Norah now feels sad of course because of this lie and she often dreams of missing things after they came back home from the clinic where she gave birth. Both of them are now having problems and Norah feels she doesn’t know his husband anymore because of the way he acts. Especially when she told him that she plans to have a memorial service for their daughter Phoebe.


I love the writing style in this book. Excited to continue on reading Chapter 4. By the way I have another blog where I document my life, thoughts and fancies, places I visit and what I read (book and magazine hauls, books to read next and what I’m currently reading).

Reading Update: A Tale of Two Cities

This book is what I’m currently reading now. I’m on Chapter 2 of Book The First. I cannot say much about the story right now. Based on what I read on Chapter 1, I find that the author’s writing style is quite poetic. I sometimes read it out loud because of it. I have listed a lot of words while reading Chapter 1 and looked for there definitions in a dictionary. Some of the words are out of my grasp. After knowing the definitions, I then go back to reading the book again. It helps me understand what the story is all about. I set up a two-week period to finish reading this book. I think that having this time limit would make me read the book more often so that I could finish it faster that I used to.